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Logitec's Bluetooth 2.1+EDR adapter offers 300 foot range and 5x more battery life


We know what you're thinking: Jeebus, not another Bluetooth adapter Engadget, slow news day? But if you check that snark for a moment, you'll notice that this ¥2,280 (about $22) Logitec adapter is a Bluetooth 2.1+EDR + Class 1 device. That means an operating range up to 300 feet and all the goodies that come from 2.1. In other words, easier pairing and up to 5x longer battery life for like-speced Bluetooth keyboards and mice. It also supports 15 different Bluetooth profiles (9 on Macs) including your favorites for stereo audio and handsfree devices. Now that Bluetooth 2.1 is beginning to trickle out into retail, you won't be buying 2.0 gear anymore will you?

[Via Impress]

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