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Minolta lens conversion for A700 with ROM chip keeps focus and IS


It's a little jargon heavy, but Dyxum forum moderator Shao Z. has documented the process of modding up some 60's era f/1.2 Minolta lenses and setting them to work with his Sony A700 DSLR. Obviously the Sony Alpha series comes from a Minolta heritage, but it took adding a ROM chip and machining some mounts to get the lenses to work with the A700. The plus side is that the process keeps infinity focus and focus confirmation intact (the lens itself is manual focus), as well as Sony's in-camera Super Steady Shot. The lenses work with all Sony DSLRs, as well as the Minolta 5D and 7D film cameras, and he's selling one on eBay if the whole modding experience isn't your thing.

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