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OGPlanet's plan for a free MMO portal

Shawn Schuster

David Hoffman, executive producer for OGPlanet, recently talked about their idea for bringing free-to-play and free-to-download MMOs ported from Korea to North America all in one portal. One of these titles is CABAL Online, an MMO set in a devastated modern-day environment, complete with magic talents, government oppression and colony rebuilding. Oh my!

OGPlanet's idea for a free MMO game portal is unique in the sense that it's not simply taking free-to-play eastern games and translating them for a western audience. They are actually play-testing the games specifically for the target western audience. David Hoffman claims this business model will actually break down the rather large wall between free MMOs and quality MMOs. CABAL Online is their first attempt at this, being supported by a cash shop and the increasingly-popular in-game advertising model we're seeing in more popular western titles lately.

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