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Rock Band selling OXM exclusive DLC next week

Dustin Burg

Yeah, so ... we'll just cut to the chase here sidestepping all the fluff. Next week's Rock Band DLC (which good old hmxsean just posted over on the official Rock Band forums) is going to be a re-hashed re-release. Remember those three exclusive OXM downloads that were included in the magazine way back in January? Well, they're going to be for sale via the XBLM on April 9th and that's all were getting for DLC. For 80 Microsoft points per track or 240 points for all three songs bundled, you can grab "Rock Rebellion" by Bang Camaro, "Shake" by Count Zero and "Super Sprode" by Freezepop. We'd be lying if we didn't admit we are a bit disappointed seeing that anyone who was excited for these "exclusive" tracks probably picked up a copy of OXM a few months back. For those who really weren't excited and still aren't ... well, there's always next week. Humph.

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