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WoW Insider Show: Special multiboxing edition this weekend with guest Xzin

Mike Schramm

Multiboxing -- we've mentioned it quite a few times here on WoW Insider, and it's always been a controversial subject. While the game is quite clearly not designed around players playing multiple characters at once, Blizzard has stated that they have no problem with it -- as long as people are paying for each account they use, and not using third-party programs to control their characters, Blizzard is fine with it.

But I, Mike Schramm, personally have always been quite against the idea of multiboxing. Lots of folks have used macros and programming to control multiple characters all the way up to level 70 and beyond, and some have even taken teams of characters into PvP areas to win battlegrounds and gain honor, or even win the arena seasons, and all the rewards that come with that victory. In my opinion, that's a horrible mockery of the way the game was designed -- this is a social game that is meant to be played with other players, and to pit one person with five computers against a real-life team of five people just isn't fair or interesting. Sure, you might be able to control the movements of five characters with skilled programming and control, but the other team has to coordinate five human minds all together, a much harder and more interesting act, in my personal opinion. I am firmly against multiboxing -- it's not the way this game is meant to be played at all, and while Blizzard may be content to make more money off of someone paying for many accounts, I'm not content to be stuck in a game with them.

Which is why, this Saturday on the WoW Insider Show over on WoW Radio (at 3:30pm EST), our guest will be Xzin, one of the most notorious (and popular) multiboxers the game has ever seen.

Yes, this Saturday, Xzin and I will go head-to-head on the podcast to talk about multiboxing, its legality (or lack thereof), and how and why it's used in the World of Warcraft. You couldn't find two people on further sides of this issue, so we'll be sure to have some interesting debate on the subject. Turpster will also be along as always (to act as moderator, if we need him), and WoW Insider's Adam Holisky will be on board as well. Adam tells me that he has actually multiboxed two characters at a time, so he'll have another voice in the argument also.

Whether you're for or against multiboxing (or whether this is the first you've heard of it), definitely be sure to tune in on Saturday at 3:30pm EST over at WoW Radio. We'll also be in the IRC channel, #wowradio at, and you can email the show at if you have any questions you'd like to ask myself, Xzin, or any of us on the show about mulitboxing or anything else.

It's sure to be a spirited and interesting debate about one of the most controversial subjects in MMO gaming. Definitely tune in and check the show out this weekend.

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