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Joystiq impressions: Lock's Quest (DS)

Zack Stern

Lock's Quest is a tower-defense-style game where you try to protect a group of inept friends from incoming attackers. Unlike those Flash games you might have played, Lock issues commands from the ground, running around small maps to build walls, turrets, and directly fight advancing enemies. The result comes together as a real-time strategy and action game, with light role-playing elements.

Completely stylus driven, you move Lock around much like Link. (The D-pad can shift the view, but the stylus issues all actions.) Taps direct Lock to new areas, while other stylus swings cause special attacks and specific actions. For example, gamers sequentially tap a group of randomly ordered numbers to add a boost.

But much of the game is about designing and defending structures. Lock uses resources enemies drop to build walls, gates, and turrets. The attackers advance randomly at first, but after the first wave hits your base, they learn where they were thwarted. The following groups will attempt other tactics to broach the defenses, possibly approaching from a different side or fighting with a different tactic. Your job is to hold up the fort over several "days" of these marching enemies, after which, everything repeats with a new level.

Scheduled for a Fall, 2008 release, Lock's Quest could be a unique action-puzzler with wide appeal. Action, RTS, and fans of other genres might all find something to like.

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