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New AoC spellcaster screenshots impress

Kyle Horner

In the past few months, Funcom has released a ton of screenshots for the upcoming Age of Conan. However, these screens always seem to have one very important thing missing from them; magic classes. This apparently wasn't going unnoticed by the community and so Funcom has delivered to everyone some pretty awesome screenshots of what we can expect from the mages in AoC.

We're particularly fond of the giant, menacing snake in the image above -- which makes us wonder what class is casting such an awesome looking spell. Although there is also another amazing image of what we're guessing is a Herald of Xolti, as the character has transformed into a vicious, evil looking demon. Yeah, we're pretty psyched to try out a class that lets you transform into the menacing image of the demon Xolti -- but who wouldn't be?

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