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Specs revealed of the real (or fake) Sony Ericsson "Paris"

Chris Ziegler

se-nse is spilling some more beans on its supposed leak of the P5 "Paris" smartphone, and put simply, UIQ fans are (or should be) salivating uncontrollably right now. And when we say "salivating uncontrollably," we mean like to the point that they're unable to present themselves in social situations because there's just this really disgusting stream of spittle constantly flowing out of their mouths. Got that visual? Okay, now check it: the blog is reporting that the Paris will sport a touchscreen display (capacitive, it seems), a semi-QWERTY keypad in the same vein as the M600 and P1, WiFi, 3G (maybe in a global flavor for once?), GPS, and preinstalled Google Maps, all sitting atop UIQ 3.3. If this is real, it gives the XPERIA X1 a nice little run for its money atop the Sony Ericsson food chain, does it not?

[Via Slashphone]

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