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What Warhammer Online will always be remembered for

Kyle Horner

There are a lot of subjects to talk about when it comes to EA Mythic's upcoming MMO Warhammer Online. However, one particular subject still hasn't seemed to really come into the limelight -- the features in WAR that will likely forever alter what people expect from MMOs. This week's Digital Continuum will focus on just that.

Most features are evolutions of old ones in some ways, although some evolve in such huge leaps that they become entirely new features altogether. There are definitely a few huge concepts WAR has adopted that I think are going to become as prolific as those little yellow exclamation points above NPC heads.

I know that's quite the claim, but hopefully this feature will convince at least a few nay-sayers otherwise. Click the image above to see my reasoning on what landscape changing features WAR has in store.

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