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Chilling out to some telly on the Samsung Access

Chris Ziegler

The Vu is going to end up stealing the bulk of the spotlight when AT&T's initial Mobile TV devices launch in May, but the Samsung Access has one key advantage over its sexier stablemate: aggressive pricing. The wide-load candybar (thanks to the landscape display) will run $100 less than the Vu while offering the same quantity and quality of brainpower-sapping television. In fact, we imagine there'll be a contingent of folks who actually prefer the physical keypad (gasp!). We wish Samsung had put just a little bit more thought and energy into the Access' physical design -- there's no rule saying a $199 phone has to be ugly, last time we checked -- but it's functional, looks and feels solid, and you'll still manage to impress the neighbors when you fire up CNN. AT&T had a functional MediaFLO node in Las Vegas, as evidenced by the glorious footage we took in while hanging out at the Access' kiosk; hit the gallery for some more visuals of the device in action.

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