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Cinemassively: Rouge en Bulle

Moo Money

As far as this blogger knows, the only time you could previously ride in a bubble was with the Starax wand, at a hefty price of 16,000L. Now that the wands have been off the market for over a year, Jacek Antonelli has made considerable improvements on bubbles. Not only are these bad boys pilotable, but they also have a built-in group chat system!

Our very own Tateru Nino suggested this Second Life machinima by the unstoppable Codebastard Redgrave. Codie was asked to film the Bubble Ride Party at Cuddlefish Junction on March 15th. Blending different Windlight settings, she composed their adventure as if it were in a surreal version of reality.

[Thanks, Tateru!]

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