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DIY Gray-Hoverman antenna promises better OTA reception

Darren Murph

With pay-TV prices headed nowhere but up and programming quality getting dodgy in spots, we've got just the thing for those looking to go OTA. The Gray-Hoverman Antenna for UHF Television Reception is an improved version of the original Hoverman antenna, and thanks to a little help from computer modeling, users are reporting some fairly amazing pickups. Best of all, the creators have made the instructions for assembling one yourself totally free and available in the read link, and just in case the 0 to 60 mile range of the single bay edition isn't enough for you, the double bay model can purportedly fetch stations from 20 to 100 miles out. We'd love a little confirmation if any of you are courageous enough to put one together and give it a spin.

[Via RetroThing]

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