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More iPhone 3G buzz from Uncle Walt


You have to smile a bit at the role Walt Mossberg plays in the geekosphere -- he's like the chairman of the Federal Reserve, what with the excitement that his offhand comments can generate. In this case, towards the end of a rather interesting rant about the obstacles to video delivery ("8 minutes of horrible commercials in a 30-minute show... there are lots of people who could care less about erectile dysfunction... in the US, we really suck at broadband") captured on, he casually mentions that the iPhone 3G is coming within 60 days. What, now?

We've been gaining confidence in the time horizon for a new rev of the iPhone hardware along with everyone else these past few days, but having the imprimatur of Mr. M on a June 3G release makes it all seem more real, somehow.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

[via 9to5Mac / Computerworld]

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