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The Bourne Conspiracy 'Takedown Trailer' demonstrates groin punching engine

Those who wouldn't consider themselves fans of office equipment-related acts of violence should probably go ahead and skip this video altogether -- but if you're the kind of person who owns multiple copies of the Jean Claude Van Damme masterpiece "Bloodsport", feel free to treat yourself to the above trailer for Sierra's adaptation of Robert Ludlum's popular series of espionage novels, The Bourne Conspiracy. Who knew literature could be so ... pugilistic?

We're still waiting for that lackluster gameplay montage or negative hands-on writeup to confirm our general apprehension towards adapted games, but with the continuing font of sizzle trailers Sierra is churning out, our steadfast trepidation is waning. Damon be damned -- we can't wait for Conspiracy's June 3 release date.

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