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Alan Wake 'media blackout' still in effect [Update 1]

Ross Miller

Update: From the moderator: "I do not know when the blackout will end ... When we hear anything from Remedy or Microsoft regarding any kind of new information, we will post it loud and clear. There are no tricks up our sleeves at the moment." Original post is still below.

When was the last time you heard anything concrete about Alan Wake? (Aside from when it announced that it wasn't canceled, of course.) Other than a confirmed 2008 release window, the last details we got from the game look to be from September 2006.

That's what makes this posting from the official Alan Wake forums, from "Super Moderator" Morry, so tantalizing. Responding to a thread aptly titled "Still no updates, its 2008 for crying out loud" (sic), Morry said, "Patience. The media 'blackout' won't continue for too much longer."

We're hoping that's not a relative phrasing of "too much longer," as it's been almost 19 months since the last scrap of information.

[Via X3F]

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