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Another shot of Sony Ericsson's Paris?

Chris Ziegler

Okay, seriously, Sony Ericsson, it seems pretty clear-cut that your closely held secrets have leaked out into the public domain here -- either that, or there's a pretty extensive conspiracy in the user community to fleece everyone with similar-looking fake shots -- and either way, it's about time you step forward and clear the air. This here is the latest shot of the so-called Paris that's floating around the interwebs, and while the screen looks more fake than ever, the phone itself matches up nicely with what we've seen before. With UIQ 3.3 in the cards, this could be the phone that finally takes the "other" Symbian platform from niche to glamor and glory, but only if the mothership can get it released in a timely fashion. That's you, Sony Ericsson, so get to it.

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