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Fujitsu intros PalmSecure PC Log-In Kit for small businesses


Some folks may have concerns about the security of biometric systems, but Fujitsu doesn't seem to be suffering from any such worries, with it now touting its new PalmSecure PC Log-In Kit as a quick and easy (and secure) solution for small and medium-sized businesses. At the center of the kit is the company's PalmSecure mouse (no word if its been revised since the earlier version pictured at right), which makes use of palm vein-scanning technology instead of the more common fingerprint-scanning variety. That, Fujitsu says, should allow for quick log-ons into Windows sessions or password-protected applications, with a greater tolerance for the distance and angle of the hand when its placed over the scanner. No firm word on price just yet, unfortunately, but Fujitsu says it'll be available at a "competitive price point" when it's released this June.

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