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Gamers on the Street: Proud of Proudmoore

Mike Schramm

This was the scene this morning on Proudmoore, as they were the first server around to open up the Heroic Badge vendor on the Isle of Quel'danas. So for this week's Gamers on the Street interviews, I decided to go there and see the sights myself. Unfortunately, just as on the PTR, it's not quite that easy to get a level one Blood Elf to the Isle -- I figured I could just fly from Silvermoon like normal, but no -- apparently I had to run all the way to Tranquilien to even get the Silvermoon flight point. So I did.

Fortunately, when I got there, the flight master gave me the flight point to Silvermoon, which would then take me to the Sunwell Plateau. Unfortunately, I was completely and totally broke -- I didn't even have enough cash to fly. I sold everything I had, but it wasn't nearly enough, and instead of begging for gold, I did the next less annoying thing on the list -- I spammed the Trade channel. And I was able to find two nice residents of Proudmoore to tell me about opening up the world event content on Sunwell Plateau.

I started with a query to the trade channel: "Has anyone been up to the Sunwell and seen the badge vendor? If so, I'd like to interview you about it." Pretty soon, I got a reply from Brush, a level 70 Druid in Assassin Syndicate.

Brush: I've seen it, it's glorious!

WoW Insider: Oh yeah?

Haha. It's not bad.

We posted pictures earlier today. It looked pretty crazy.

There are definitely lots of people up there.

Did you help with the unlocking at all?

Of course. Dailys each day. Easiest way to get faction with them.

So did you like the way Blizzard implemented all of this in patch 2.4?

Aye. It's definitely a good stopover while waiting for Wrath of the Lich King.

What was your favorite daily?

Hmmm... I really liked the bombing run.

Did you have trouble doing it alone, or did you do it in a group?

The first few times was tough, but after you do it a few times, you can usually complete it in one run.

And what was your least favorite quest?

Hated the mana remnants. It was just mindless killing of drones. But that could also be because it was one of the first, so we did it a lot more.

So what's your spec?

I'm Feral.

And what do you mostly do in game? Are you guys raiding?

Raiding and PvP. I also have another character on a PvP server.

How far along are you in raiding?

We're in Zul'Aman. We don't have a 25 man group, just a 10 man.

Cool. So did you buy badge loot up there, or did you just go up and do the dailies?

I'm gonna see what drops I can get from the Plateau before I spend my badges.

Wait, from the Plateau?

Sunwell. I mean Magister's Terrace Heroic.

Oh ok. You said you didn't do 25 man, and I was like, well then how are you going to do the Sunwell?

Lol. Aye, not that one.

Great, good luck. Thanks for chatting!

And Dundarga was also nice enough to answer my call -- he's a 70 Hunter in Undecided, and they're raiding pretty strongly right now -- about to take on Black Temple, he says.

WoW Insider: So have you been up to see the badge vendor yet?

Dundarga: Yeah, I was there right when she started selling her wares.

Was it nuts?

Nuts is not really the word for it. It was a pain in the arse. So many folk standing around on top of her. lots of flagged folk all around, getting fearbombed everywhere.

You all are the first server to unlock her, that's probably why everyone is crazy. Did you help with the quests up there?

Yeah, I've been doing the dailies every day. Great source of gold.

Which one was your favorite?

I liked the Bombing Run.

And why's that? Lots of people liked that one, apparently.

Just because it's a little more fun than just killing mobs.

Did you have trouble doing it alone or did you group up for it?

Just did it alone, usually got it on the first run.

Cool. What was your least favorite daily?

Getting the keys to unlock the chests for the ore. The Armory quests. You either got lucky with them, or you had to kill a lot of guys.

But that's the one you guys finished first! How many times do you think you did it?

No clue.

So what's your spec? What do you usually do in game?

I'm Survival. We mostly raid, and a little PvP.

How far have you all gotten so far?

We just started Black Temple.

Nice. So you probably aren't all that interested in the badge loot, then.

Not really. I was hoping for a belt or bracers, but there's not that much at all for Hunters there, unless I want to wear leather. I might pick up the crossbow, but it's so ugly that I might just hold out.

Right. Are you all planning to try Sunwell Plateau, or are you waiting to finish off all the older stuff first?

Not until we finish off the older stuff. No point in missing out on good content.

So what do you think of the Sunwell dailies overall? Do you think we should see the same type of thing in Northrend?

Yeah. But it should last a little longer. Progression on this part has been a little too quick, I think.

On your realm especially.


Have any advice for people who aren't done yet?

Just enjoy it. Have some fun.

Good advice. Thanks very much!

Gamers on the Street goes out to talk to players live on the realms every Monday. Check out what people thought of last year's BlizzCon, or players' New Year resolutions. For more tips on the Sunwell Dailies, make sure to visit our Sunwell page, with nearly everything we've ever posted about patch 2.4.

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