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Hudson expects explosive growth from Wii


Konami-owned (54% actually) Hudson Soft Co. plans to quadruple profits over the next three years by focusing on titles for the Wii. Bloomberg reports that incoming president, Michihiro Ishizuka, expects to hit an operating profit of $97 million by March of 2011. Hudson will release eight titles for Wii in 2008 and already has 10 others on the market.

Hudson has seen significant growth from its Wii and DS titles, seeing an operating profit* growth of 53% due to the two systems. Ishizuka believes that in two years from now, software developer profits will see the most growth when a "winner and loser for consoles becomes clear." He states Hudson will focus on promoting licensing of its games and marketing, so plan on about 15 more versions of Bomberman in the next two years.

*"Operating profit is revenue minus the cost of goods sold and administrative expenses."

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