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NTT floats a "Mobile Fragrance Communications" biscuit


The morning has only begun and already the first oddity has been unleashed in Japan. You're looking at NTT DoCoMo Communications "Mobile Fragrance Communications Kit" which is based on the same scent delivery technology NTT has already deployed into homes and movie theaters. Fragrance playlists are downloaded to your DoCoMo phone and then transmitted over Ir to the portable "aroma generator" pre-loaded with base fragrances. The scents are then unleashed into the room under the accompaniment of new-age MIDIs and animated GIFs we presume will include dancing pandas and Hello Kitty cats. Ugh. The pilot program runs from April 10th to the 20th and will undoubtably be a huge success in the land of the uprising robo-san.

[Via Impress]

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