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OnStar adds new enhancements to turn-by-turn navigation service

Darren Murph

If you've been warming to those OnStar assistants when dialing up to get directions, you've now got a couple more reasons to pretend that you're lost. The first enhancement to its existing turn-by-turn service is Destination Download, which essentially enables subscribers with screen-based NAV systems to have routes beamed in without the driver having to pull over and manually enter them. Moving on, we see the official rollout of the long-awaited eNav service, which allows motorists in "turn-by-turn navigation-capable vehicles" to find and save destinations on; afterwards, the directions can be sent to the car's navigator. Lastly, XM NavTraffic is joining the fray in order to give OnStar users instant notification if there are any delays ahead in their planned route (and the ability to change course). Peep the read link for a video demonstration of the services, and click on through for the full release.

OnStar Announces a Suite of Brand New Interactive Navigational Services

On April 2nd, OnStar announced two brand new enhancements to its existing turn-by-turn service. Bridging the gap between computer technology, traditional GPS and online tools, these new services help bring ease to any travels.

The first new service is Destination Download. Current subscribers with screen-based navigation systems can quickly receive directions while on the go. By connecting with an advisor and requesting a specific destination, directions are sent to subcribers' cars instantly.

The second service eNav, allows subscribers with a turn-by-turn navigation-capable vehicle to find and save destinations on These directions can then be sent to their vehicle's turn-by-turn navigation system and quickly integrated for smooth traveling. eNav will be available retroactively on all 2.65 million current turn-by-turn capable vehicles.

Joining eNav is also XM NavTraffic. This service integrates the existing turn-by-turn navigation features with XM's real-time traffic information. Fed data on accidents, traffic backups and road construction by XM's service, subscribers are instantly notified of a delay on their planned travel route. With the help of Navtraffic technology, subscribers can then opt to change their course or stick with their original plans.

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