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RIM posts blockbuster fourth quarter

Chris Ziegler

Global economic meltdown be damned! RIM's humming right along, apparently, reporting a killer fourth quarter with $412.5 million in profit, beating its own estimates and netting more than double the amount from the same period a year prior. Jim Balsillie himself chimed in on the results, saying that the company "did not see any evidence of slowdown in our enterprise business" -- amazing, considering that a stagnating job market would seem to lead to smaller BlackBerry budgets. Perhaps even more impressive, though, is that RIM is predicting first quarter earnings that'll significantly outpace analyst estimates in the face of stiff competition that's getting ever stiffer in RIM's own enterprise turf and an economy that's showing no sign of turning around any time soon. Don't suppose they could divert some of those fat profits to shoring up shaky servers, hmm?

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