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Rumor: Microsoft making motion-sensing Xbox 360 'Wiimote'

MTV News has a secret source who sent in the above "sketch" and some info on what they claim is a veritable Wiimote clone, courtesy of your friends and ours at Microsoft. Reportedly, the Xbox (marketing?) team has been hard at work aping Nintendo's waggling wonder, in an attempt to "match the Wii point for point." The project, which the anonymous source calls "a colossal clusterf---," is being handled to some degree by internal developer Rare, who has had difficulty "hitting its deadlines," apparently compromising Microsoft's ambitions to have a product release by the end of the year. The more astute amongst you may recall that X3F broke the news about Rare's upcoming XBLA game The Fast and the Furriest in January, which purportedly features "a wand type input device for gesture recognition."

While not a huge surprise, considering the contortions Microsoft has put itself through to appeal to the "casual" audience, we're pretty certain releasing yet another interface for the Xbox 360 isn't going to accomplish much of anything outside of adding more delicious bullet points to the box (which SKU would this be?) and marginalizing any piece of software that required it. You're beautiful just the way you are, Xbox 360.

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