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First screens of 'The Incredible Hulk' on Wii

Justin McElroy

True story: We were originally going to call this post "The Incredible Hulk on Wii looks like The Incredible Hulk on 360 and PS3, but worse," but we realized that if we did that, we would be hitting the nail so squarely on the head that we wouldn't have anything to say in the actual post. So ... these screenshots from The Incredible Hulk on Wii look like the ones from The Incredible Hulk on 360 and PS3, but, you know, worse.

Looks aside, all we actually want from the Wii version is really good Wiimote implementation, like being able to slam both 'mote and 'chuk down at the same time and destroy everything within a city block. Don't worry, we're not holding our breath. Check out all the screens below, we've added the next gen pics after the jump for your comparing pleasure.

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