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Stardock publishing Demigod, praying for domination Feb. '09


Demigod, Gas Powered Games' team-based RTS/RPG, is expected to launch in February of 2009. The company announced today it has reached a publishing agreement with Stardock, which also prominently stated in its press release that the game will feature no on-disc copy protection.

Gas Powered Games is best known for its Dungeon Siege series, but most recently released the hardcore RTS Supreme Commander (recently delayed for consoles). Publisher Stardock recently found more mainstream success with the best-selling -- and surprisingly scalable on older PCs -- Sins of a Solar Empire (the company's Galactic Civilizations II isn't bad either). Sins sports no copy protection and, despite that fact, the game has found success at retail -- plus, it's only $30. Demigod will have a public beta this summer and we'll be sure to post more about that when details become available.

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