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3Dconnexion intros SpaceNavigator 3D mouse for laptops


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Logitech subsidiary 3Dconnexion managed to impress with its original SpaceNavigator 3D mouse, and it's now shrunk the 3D environment-navigating tool down to laptop size for those that like to dip into their virtual environs of choice while they're on the go. Apart from the size, however, the only significant change appears to be a new cap design that promises "more immersive and natural interactions within 3D applications," with it otherwise offering you the same pressure sensitive controls and ability to fly through spaces while simultaneously zooming and rotating the view as before. Also likely of interest to a number of folks is that the device is now fully supported by Second Life, although you'll probably still want to hang onto your usual mouse if you want to have any chance in your favorite FPS games. Look for this one to set you back $129 when it's released early next month.

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