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Champions Online's newest villain is Menton

Kyle Horner

A brand new villain has been revealed on the Champions Online website. His name is Menton and he's the most powerful human psionic alive. He harbors a massive contempt for humanity and considers everyone else -- even the supremely powerful Doctor Destroyer -- to be stupid in comparison. There's a lot of very good back-story to read concerning Menton at the official site. It's a real treat for anyone who enjoys some good comic book-style stories, so check it out.

This is some early proof that Cryptic made a good choice going with the Champions world for their next MMO. Granted, we say early because until we get a taste of John Layman's writing of these characters we won't really know how compelling they are in-game. Still, Menton looks and sounds pretty cool so far and that's a strong start.

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