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CryENGINE 2 port 'challenging' on PS3, but will look like high-end PC


It's no secret that CryTek is bringing over its revolutionary CryENGINE over to PS3. In fact, they showed off some behind-the-scenes demos to developers at GDC. While CryTek doesn't confirm the long-rumored PS3 version of Crysis in their interview with IGN, they do make a few notes about the process of bringing such a power-hungry engine over to Sony's home console.

Harald Seeley, Engine Business Manager for CryTek, said "there is no doubt that porting our engine to the PlayStation 3 is the more challenging of our two ongoing conversion projects [Xbox 360 and PS3]." However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing: "that works to our advantage in the end. We feel certain we have the ability to get the most that is possible out of that platform, and therefore PS3 games which run on our engine in the future will definitely stand significantly apart from other games that don't."

While we still haven't seen footage running on a PS3, Seeley is confident that the engine will look like nothing else on consoles so far. "We expect the final outcome will result in games that look like they're running at high settings, or nearly high settings, on a PC." We'd love to see what CryTek is capable of pulling off.

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