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Draper introduces new FlatScreen Lift to conceal your HDTV

Darren Murph

For those still not keen on hanging their flat-panel on the wall, Draper has crafted an all new motorized lift in order to reveal and conceal your HDTV at the press of a button. Designed to handle plasmas / LCDs up to 50-inches and add less than 5-inches to the overall depth, the FSL-F-50 FlatScreen Lift can be built into custom cabinetry and even includes "a unique secondary shelf beneath the display itself, allowing you to attach a matching trim piece to fill the opening left by the open cabinet lid." The unit can reportedly hoist up to 210-pounds and takes just over half a minute to fully deploy with zero weight. Oh, and if this particular model doesn't jive with your current TV, the firm is expected to add two additional sizes in the near future to accommodate smaller displays and units spanning up to 65-inches diagonally.

[Via Widescreen Review]

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