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Potential Take Two takeover could delay GTAIV


We're a little late on this news (we blame Call of Duty 4, wholeheartedly), but cover it we must for it concerns what may be the biggest release of 2008. Yes, Grand Theft Auto IV. Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan has a somewhat worrisome prediction regarding EA's courtship of Take Two. In a recent episode of Bonus Round, Pach-Attack noted, "I think if EA takes over Take-Two, they have an economic incentive to delay [Grand Theft Auto IV]." The reason for this, naturally, would be to debut GTAIV during the much more lucrative holiday season at the end of the year (as was the original plan for 2007). Pachter says that Take Two can't afford to delay the game on their own because they "need the money."

So there you go. If you didn't have a vested interest in the EA / Take Two saga, you do now (assuming you want some sweet, sweet GTAIV anyway). Let's look on the bright side though. If EA does buy Take Two, that means the Iron Man movie still has a fighting chance, right? In the meantime, GTAIV is still scheduled to release at the end of this month.

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