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UK retailers strain under glut of GTAIV preorders


UK gamers who didn't pre-order Grand Theft Auto IV might have a hard time getting their hands on the title when it's released April 29. MCV reports that major retailers across the UK are struggling to keep up with early demand for Rockstar North's upcoming game, and anticipate shortages around the time of release.

A representative from UK retailer states that GTAIV is already the best-selling title on PS3, according to their records, but hopes to have enough copies in stock on launch day to accommodate customers who didn't pre-order. GAME, meanwhile, is already anticipating shortages, with a message on their website alerting customers that pre-ordered any later than April 6 that they may not receive the title on launch day. Fearing a similar shortage, Gamestation has stopped taking pre-orders altogether. We're not entirely sure, but we think Rockstar may be on to something with this "Grand Theft Auto" business.

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