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Yaris developer closes its doors, we snicker

Dustin Burg

As part of our blogging duties to the X3F community, we must inform you of some sad developer news. Ex-Blizzard founded developer Castaway Entertainment has run into a heaping pile of financial troubles due to a few projects falling through and, of course, the company has run out of cashola. So, they have been forced to shut down operations. Sad ...

You now may be asking yourself why we're reporting on Castaway going the way of dial-up internet and that answer is quite simple. They created the despicably-disgustingly-dreary Xbox Live Arcade game Yaris. Yes, that Yaris. So, maybe we shouldn't feel bad for Castaway or shed any tears, because they were a part of our XBLA torture. Chalk their bad luck up to karma being a bi**h. Ouch, maybe that's a bit harsh. At the time Castaway probably needed any money they could scrounge up and Yaris was waiting to be developed. Nah, they deserve it. Yaris is the scum of the Earth and we have no compassion for any company involved in its creation. We're somewhat bitter, can you tell?

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