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AT&T survey suggests DVR control, e-wallet functionality for iPhone

Chris Ziegler

Remember that AT&T iPhone survey that was floating around last year? The carrier's back at it again with another round of rather fanciful sounding upgrades and changes to the iPhone and the way it's sold and serviced. First up, AT&T wanted to know whether we'd upgrade to the 3G iPhone -- a device that "Apple and AT&T have announced," so it says. Next, we were presented with a series of "potential enhancements" (pictured) and asked how we felt about each one. In particular, DVR control and the ability to use the iPhone "as a credit card" caught our eye; we're not sure if they're suggesting NFC integration or something far less techy here, but if there's one way to light NFC on fire stateside, it might just be support from the Apple mothership. Since the iChat app suggested in the last survey never materialized, of course, this could be nothing more than wishful thinking on AT&T's part -- not to say we can blame 'em.

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