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DVD jukebox sales down because of Blu-ray?

Ben Drawbaugh

The high-end world of multi-terabyte media servers is usually well beyond our interests as some of them cost more than we make in a year, but we do like to dream. The upgrade costs for HD fans that're making the transition from DVD to Blu-ray might be a hard $400 pill to swallow for some, but if you want to store all your movies on a disk so they're available on demand, you'll have to be willing to spend much, much more. On a post on Automated Home, a masked installer confesses that "Right now I'm selling next to no servers at all....and the reason is that everyone wants a "High Definition" server." We can't say we blame 'em, seriously, once you take a look at Blu-ray on a nice display, it's hard to go back to DVD -- even if it means you'll have instant access to your entire library. If nothing else, this should help motivate the studios to get the managed copy part of AACS worked out, because as we've seen in the past, people will find a way to enjoy content the way they want it.

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