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Magic World Online to enter closed beta


Magic World Online is an MMO that's set to enter a second round of its closed beta on April 6th. Shot in an isometric view, it's not immediately compelling, but a closer look reveals some interesting, forward-looking features.

First, and perhaps uniquely, MWO offers in-game video chat. Now, aside from the dubious wisdom of covering up precious screen real estate with a cam feed, you have to admit: that's pretty cool. Furthermore, the site makes allusions to an advanced AI that can handle certain repetitive tasks, such as traveling and leveling up. But wait, what's left for the player to do?

Additionally, one can have a pretty sweet-looking house, and your own 'moving castle' (sorry, Howl) once you've joined a guild. If any of this sounds interesting to you, the game is downloadable now, but April 26 is when the actual closed beta begins.

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