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One Shots: Bridging cultural differences

Now this is something you don't often see in MMOs every day! No, not the grass, trees and sky -- or even the perky little flowers. The odd thing in this Lord of the Rings Online image is the presence of two very markedly different architectural styles, which you perhaps don't often see close to one another. Finudir, Captain of Gondor, sent us this lovely screenshot and explained:

When I walked across these two bridge just before getting to Duilond, I thought "whoa, I have to send this in to the good people at Massively!" In this shot we see two cultures, two architectural styles that don't often occur so close together. The bridge on the left is of Dwarven mastercraft, and the bridge on the right is of Elven make. Nice, eh?

Indeed. It's always great to see "foreign" cultures working well side by side in games. Now if we could just get our PUGs to go that harmoniously....

Do you have something that caught your attention in your normal game world? Something just a little bit off the beaten path? If so, send it to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com. We love to see what's going on in your game worlds!

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