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Viewsonic busts out a bevy of customizable digital photo frames


There's nothing like an impending holiday to get companies rushing to get their appropriately-themed products out the door, and Viewsonic's now following Memorex's lead with a slew of new digital photo frames aimed at Mother's Day shoppers. This latest batch includes ten frames in all, including 7-, 8-, and 10-inch varieties (both widescreen and 4:3), each of which boast interchangeable bezels to suit your decor. At the head of the pack is the 10-inch DPX1002 model (pictured above), which packs a decent 1024x600 resolution, along with 400 cd/m2 of brightness, a 400:1 contrast ratio, and the usual video and MP3 playback features. If that's a bit more than you're looking for, you can opt for one of three variations of the 8-inch DPX802 model, which packs an 800x600 resolution and drops the video playback, or one of three incarnations of the 7-inch DPX702 model, which offers up a 800x480 resolution and drops the MP3 playback as well. Rounding things out are the 7-inch widescreen DPX704WH, 8-inch 4:3 DPX804WH and 10-inch widescreen DPX1004WH, each of which boast white finishes, and include 128MB of memory, along with some basic media-playing features. According to Viewsonic, the whole lot is available now, with prices ranging from $130 to $209.

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