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CoH Players Salute the 'Surviving 15'

Adrian Bott

Since Massively reported Melissa 'War Witch' Bianco's comment (from the Heroic Weekend at Omega Sektor) that the City of Heroes/Villains live team had been cut to only fifteen people in the days after CoV's release, the reaction from the player base has been surprise, appreciation and gratitude. They are as impressed as we were that a drastically cut-down team had managed to deliver some of the best content so far, including the Invention System and auction houses.

So who were those fifteen stalwarts, now dubbed the 'Surviving 15' by the forums with a nod and a wink to the 'Surviving 8' of CoH backstory? After some debate, Matt 'Positron' Miller has taken a moment off working on Issue 12 to settle the issue.

Some of the NCNC staff are still known only by alias, but the list is now all but complete:

  1. Matt 'Positron' Miller
  2. Christopher 'Back Alley Brawler' Bruce
  3. Floyd 'Castle' Grubb
  4. Ghost Widow, true identity as yet unknown
  5. Melissa 'War Witch' Bianco
  6. Constellation replaced by Joe 'Hero 1' Morrissey (story bible)
  7. Jay Dougherty, aka JLove, aka Sexy Jay, the costumes guy
  8. Ken Morse (Art Lead)
  9. Nick replaced by Don Pham (environmental/3D artist)
  10. Brett replaced by Graham
  11. Ray 'Blue Steel' Snyder (design support)
  12. Serdar 'Lord Recluse' Copur replaced by Mynx (Producer), true identity unknown
  13. Richard (AP/Build Engineer)
  14. Aaron (Lead programmer)
  15. Garth (who moved over to Core Tech before the acquisition)
Ladies and gentlemen, you who kept the content coming and the quality high despite losing 75% of your staff back then, we salute you.

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