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Let Engadget trick out your home theater contest: winner picked!


At long, long last, we've finally picked a winner for our biggest (and most time consuming) HD contest ever. It took us a while, but after poring over almost 3,000 entries we believe we've finally unearthed our favorite sad setup around. The honor (or dishonor?) goes to reader Samuel Goldstein -- congrats! We know it's hard to imagine that our + $5,000 worth of gear will match up to his 19-inch Zenith Space Command TV, RCA VCR from 1995, recycled car speakers, or the "picture-in-picture" that is a Citizen portable television, but we think he'll manage. Watch the video "tour" of the winner's "system" after the break, and be sure to check out all the other painful entrants in the gallery below.

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