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Meet the man responsible for Champions Online's combat

Kyle Horner

Remember this name: Geoff Tuffli. If the combat in Champions Online ends up disappointing you, then you've got your scapegoat.

All right, we're just kidding -- sort of. The truth is that while Geoff may be the combat systems designer for Champions Online, he's not exactly solely responsible for making the moment-to-moment aspect of the game fun. His is a position of various roles, the coolest one being that he gets to design player powers for Cryptic's new superhero MMO. However, he's also responsible for removing any roadblocks facing the combat team and keeping the lines of communication open from his team to other teams. Those are two hectic sounding roles we're not so jealous of, but it's all in a day's work for Geoff.

And if you're wondering what his past work includes, then you'll be in for a surprise. While he did lead the internal balance assessment team for City of Villains, he also majored in Aztec Cultural Linguistics -- go figure. There's a lot more in-between Geoff's graduation and current job at Cryptic and you can find it all at the official Champions Online website.

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