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Nihilum does it again, downs Twin Eredars

Zach Yonzon

Despite a scare last April 1 that Nihilum would disband, the bleeding edge guild made true on a promise to continue setting world firsts by downing the Twin Eredars Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess on April 10, 6:00pm CEST. The Rogue-less 25-man team were able to down the twin bosses, their first "world first" in the new raid instance, despite EU Realms having the first Sunwell Plateau gate open a day behind the US owing to the time differential. The drops were Boots of the Forgotten Vanquisher, Equilibrium Epaulets, Shiv of Exsanguination, Sin'dorei Pendant of Conquest, and Spaulders of the Thalassian Savior.

Although Nihilum didn't seem to bother getting world firsts with the first three bosses Felmyst, Kalecgos, and Brutallus, whom many guilds were able to down on the first day that Sunwell Plateau opened, they seem to be geared towards downing the remaining bosses ahead of everyone else. The second gate blocks Nihilum's progress so far, preventing them from attempting M'uru. Will Nihilum continue to make World of Warcraft history? The second gate will probably open in a couple of weeks, so we'll find out soon enough.

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