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1Password: same great taste, new price


Password concierge and form-filler extraordinaire 1Password was upped to version 2.5.12 today with more features, changes and fixes than we could possibly list. Of course, current bleeding-edge users probably noticed that 2.6 Beta 6 also came out today with its own improvements and fixes, including the missing Fluid extension from Beta 5. Did we mention it supports Fluid these days?

Version 2.5.12 packs Safari 3.1 support, iPhone bookmarklet changes, better Firefox support and a plethora of fixes. While the price of this TUAW favorite has gone up a whole $5, so has the functionality. The current update is free for license holders, newcomers get it for $34.95. To each their own, but I personally consider this one worth every penny.

Update: I'm quite obviously a month behind on my 1Password release notes. 2.6 Beta 6 did come out today, 2.5.12 came out... yes, a month ago. I apologize to anyone who was thrown into a time-warp due to my careless disregard of basic chronology.

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