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Ben Heck assembles the PlayStation 3 Laptop


Forget that "PlayStation Portable" nonsense you've got sticking out of your pocket. If you're going to be carrying around a PlayStation, why not make it a proper one that can play Warhawk and Uncharted? Consumer electronics crammer, Ben Heck, has finally completed the PlayStation 3 Laptop, a beautiful black contraption packed with all the blue rays, cells and ex em bees you can shake a Sixaxis at. Seriously, you can shake your Sixaxis at it and it'll work.

Other fancy things in it:
  • Original backwards-compatible 60GB model
  • 17-inch LCD HDTV screen: 720p
  • HDMI-DVI connection
  • Built-in keyboard, USB ports, stereo speakers, headphone jack
  • Size: 17 x 13.75 x 3-inches
  • Weight: 16 pounds!
Since it's clearly too heavy for us to lift, we're hoping a reader manages to walk off with this laptop as soon as Engadget begins auctioning it for charity. In the meantime, be sure to have a look at Ben Heck's Wii Laptop and his assorted Xbox 360 offerings.

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