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LG VX8610 caught in the wild, internal Bluetooth headset and all

Chris Ziegler

If you're able to turn your attention away from that Jawbone 2 long enough to look elsewhere for your Bluetooth headset needs, we might remind you that Verizon's prepping a Chocolate successor with a little surprise tucked safely away. We've seen and heard of the VX8610's juicy secret for a couple months now, promising a media-centric slider with an integrated headset that'll charge via the integrated dock when not in use -- a feature not totally unique in the mobile world, but still unique enough to be a pretty big deal, particularly as US carrier launches go. Of course, a decent handset could be ruined by an awful headset here, so let's hope LG's smart enough to put some thought behind the total package. Follow the break for a shot of the headset and dock.

[Thanks, Ingenious]

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