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My life in Vana'diel returns!

Michael Zenke

My Life in Vana'diel, one of the longest running MMO game journals we can think of, has returned to life after a long period of quiet. The journal catalogs the ongoing adventures of James Mielke, an editor at EGM and the website, in the world of Final Fantasy XI. Milky has been keeping the journal basically since the game launched, originally writing the columns for the Ziff/Electronics Boutique magazine GMR. After he made the move online, the columns continued on the website. The online piece details the adventures of Milky's characters and provided non-players with an in-depth look into serious MMO gameplay.

After more than a year of time away from the column, Milky's FFXI gameplay has picked up again. In this latest blog entry, he outlines recent events in his Linkshell (Cloak and Dagger). Dedicated players have kept the shell going, and the well-organized group is now regularly taking on 'gods-level' content. These are some of the most challenging encounters in the game, even though they were originally added way back in the Rise of the Zilart expansion. Their group has regularly been getting the coveted Kirin's Osode drop from the Notorious Monster/god Kirin, as well as doing dynamis runs, salvage, limbuses and other high-end organized play. Make sure to read the column to get the full details and (if you have a while) go back and read through the column's archive. Fascinating reading.

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