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Olympus Mju 1030 SW gets reviewed


Olympus' Mju 1030 SW compact digital camera got a little lost in the jumble of cameras that the company released earlier this year, but the folks at Photography Blog have now given the compact shooter its due with a full review. As you might expect, the 10-megapixel camera's main selling point (its toughness) earned it the highest marks, with its metal case proving to be decidedly studier than the competition -- not to mention shockproof and waterproof, although the site apparently didn't test those features too strenuously. It was a bit of a different story when it came to actually taking pictures, however, with the Mju turning in only "acceptable" results, and only then after some basic tweaking. The fact that you have to pay a fairly hefty premium for all that sturdiness ($399) doesn't help things either, but if you're the type that goes through cameras like nobody's business, it may not be the worst option to consider.

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