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Today in Joystiq: April 11, 2008

Ross Miller
Here's a reader-submitted image (via IGN) from January 2004, brought back to our attention by DS Fanboy in light of today's DS revision rumor. We gotta say, they were oh so close to the final design. (Fingers crossed for the "DS Evn Liter" announcement.) Check out the highlights for today:

Ask Joystiq remembers the Dreamcast
DS Fanboy Lite: Apr. 5 - Apr. 11
Joystiq Podcast 045 - Million dollar string edition
This Week in Review joins the Brotherhood of Steel

Halo 3 marketing designed to not make Master Chief a 'reckless American cowboy'
Ben Heck assembles the PlayStation 3 Laptop
Renegade Kid calls Moon 'more ambitious' than Dementium has gotten even weirder
Hellgate: London finds success in Korea
Takeuchi talks Resident Evil 5, confirms African setting
PS3 sales pass 2 million in Japan
Mo-capoeira game coming Q4 2008
Lego Indy to have more than 60 playable characters
New Def Leppard single to hit GH3 before retail
No preorder needed, Metal Gear Online beta open in Europe
Dan "Shoe" Hsu ends long career at Ziff Davis
X3F gets all up inside Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack
Rock Band Weekly: Blondie, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Police
Mafia II whacking Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC
GTA IV site update reveals all Team & Race multiplayer modes -- and much more
Harmonix dev tackles Rock Band 'euro pricing flamefest'

Rumors & Speculation
Famitsu publisher thinks new DS will be shown at E3

Culture & Community
Gay kissing is slightly worse than severed heads, welcome to America
Newsweek's Croal on RE5: 'Wow, clearly no one black worked on this game'

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