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VC Friday: 'Stay a while ... Stay FOREVER'


"Nintendo, with this week's four Virtual Console releases you are really spoiling us!"

We feel extra special this week, because kindly old Uncle Nintendo has lavished the PAL Virtual Console (or at least the European Virtual Console) with four new titles, including another two Commodore 64 additions (both of which are cracking), and the first Master System games to reach Australia. Unusually, all four are worth a look, but Impossible Mission has a special room all of its own in this blogger's heart. As usual, there's footage of all titles past the break.

  • California Games -- Commodore 64 -- 500 Wii Points*
  • Impossible Mission -- Commodore 64 -- 500 Wii Points*
  • Wonder Boy -- Master System -- 500 Wii Points
  • Fantasy Zone -- Master System -- 500 Wii Points
* Europe only, for now -- sorry, Aussies!

California Games (Commodore 64)

Impossible Mission (Commodore 64)

Wonder Boy (Master System)

Fantasy Zone (Master System)

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