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TUAW Best of the Week

Cory Bohon

Welcome to the latest installment of TUAW 's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment.

Let's start off by saying that Apple must be listening to our comments about the bombardment of updates lately, because this week they released even more! There's so many in fact that we needed to do a bulleted list:

Final Cut Server released
No, you're not seeing things ... it's really here this time!

Life with the MacBook Air
Chris' thoughts on the MacBook Air. Does he like it? Well, you'll just have to read to find out!

More iPhone 3G buzz from Uncle Walt
Have any of you guys heard about this? Apparently a "3G" iPhone is going to be released "really soon-ish"

TUAW takes Macminicolo for a spin
Did you know that people use minis as servers? Like, whoa ... turns out they work pretty well.

Cranky Apple lawyers go after NYC green logo
C'mon Apple, just because you get hit with lawsuits doesn't mean that you have to go after NYC! What ever happened to Apples whole "Bob-Dylan-Give-Peace-a-Chance" thing?

Four reasons to get your parents to use Leopard

Do you have those "I like my Winders" parents? Well, Dave tells you how to make them switch.

AppleScript: Control your Mac with an e-mail
Learn how to impress your friends with this little "magic trick."

Rogue Amoeba Live Chat!
Erica, the queen of liveblogging, did it again. This time Erica talked with the folks over at Rogue Amoeba. You can replay the entire liveblog by clicking the "replay live blog" button.

Third iPhone beta SDK is live
The third iPhone SDK for this year, its always good to see developer tools and documentation being updated like this.

Time Machine via Airport Extreme not officially supported
And because it is not a supported feature, they're going to allow users to do it ... yeah, that totally makes sense.

Vista beats OS X? Really?
We at TUAW love our Windows bretheren, we want to see them switch to the better OS and hardware, but we love them anyway. But, like, Computerworld over did their article, srly.

iTunes: Free Tuesday
Get some new free tunes.

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