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More Namco classics thrown on the Video Game Exams pile


The more old games Namco Bandai refines into representative mini-challenges and adds to Bokura no TV Game Kentei, the better a deal it becomes. Many old arcade games can be boiled down into a few seconds' worth of basic material, which is then repeated in slightly different arrangements until you run out of money. Play one Challenging Stage in Galaga, for example, and you know what it means to play Galaga.

Banamco has apparently been spending the time they gained from the delay adding even more retro material to the "game trainer." The latest round of screenshots includes new stuff like Family Tennis and the obscure Famicom games Warpman and Battle City. This would be a no-brainer to import if not for the fact that it arrives in June, along with every other DS game we want.

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